Wednesday 12 August 2009

City2Surf 2009 on with Flickr

The world's "largest timed footrace" - Sydney's City2Surf - is now viewable on thanks to Silverlight and BingMaps.

There are two 'new' features:

1) Flickr photo integration (try it)

Using the Flickr photo search API, the Silverlight client renders small pink-and-blue dots for photos that are both geo-tagged and tagged:"city2surf". Clicking on the dot will open the Flickr page.

2) Visualizing the entire race (try it)

It is (unfortunately) impossible to animate the 65,000 or so points that would represent every runner and walker taking part in the event. By aggregating the finishers into timebands (and using both size & opacity to represent 'value') you can get some idea of the distribution of participants over time, over the course.

Add yourself!

As always, you can search for and add more 'runners' to the animation. Start typing a name into the autocomplete box, select from the list (optionally choose a color from the color-picker) and click Add runner.

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