Monday 10 July 2006

Generics, Serialization and NUnit

Latest article Generics, Serialization and NUnit posted on The googling I've done so far hasn't turned up much info on Unit Testing and Generics... seems to me that any time you write a class, you want to be able to test it, and Generic classes should be no exception; but there's not much support in NUnit for it at the moment...

Monday 3 July 2006

NCover 'connection not established' error

I recently tried to set-up NCover 1.5 with a .NET 2.0 project on a new PC, but could not get past the error message Profiled process terminated. Profiler connection not established... the BAT file I was using looked like this (and was working fine on the build server)
@echo off
C:\DevTools2\NCover-1.5\NCover.Console.exe "C:\DevTools2\nunit-2.4.b1\bin\nunit-console.exe" "C:\Projects2\APPNAME\UnitTests\APPNAMEUnitTests.nunit" //a "Common.APPNAME.DataAccess;Common.APPNAME.Common; Common.APPNAME.RulesEngine;Common.APPNAME.Client" //ea "Common.CodeCoverageExcludedAttribute" //w "C:\DevTools2\nunit-2.4.b1\bin" //l "C:\Projects2\APPNAME\Build\NCover\NCover.log.txt" //x "C:\Projects2\APPNAME\Build\NCover\NCover.xml"

Of course, because NCover was working OK on other .NET 1.1 projects, I immediately assumed it was a 'framework' issue and spent fruitless time trying to 'figure out' why NCover couldn't "connect" to my application.

I gave up, only to be embarrassed a day or two later when this
NCover Error Message thread: Profiled process terminated. Profiler connection not established gave me the simple solution: I needed to register one of the NCover components (presumably so it can hook in to the CLR instrumentation or whatever)
regsvr32 CoverLib.dll

Doing an install of NCover from the .MSI would also have worked, but I've gotten so used to .NET applications being able to be 'xcopied' that I had just moved the NCover files from one PC to another and expected them to work.