Thursday 24 March 2005

Ajax: Asynchronous JavaScript + XML

Dare Obasanjo's post 'responding' to an article discussing a new approach to web applications that we at Adaptive Path have been calling Ajax. The name is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML
is a fun read. I'm not really for or against people making up buzzwords, but a common language is always useful to aid understanding, and to me Ajax (if you're aware of it) does communicate more than his suggested "instead of Ajax, 'XML and script'"... (and Robert Scoble agrees)

Anyway, I was specifically researching information about using XmlHttpRequest ? after reading about an XmlHttpValidator for ASP.NET and Script Callbacks.

Finally - here's a collection of related sample stuff:
Presentation slides on 'Chubby Clients' by Anders Noras, info on XMLHttpRequest & Ajax-Based Applications
and an ASP.NET example from 2002, long before the 'Ajax' tag was invented!

Wednesday 2 March 2005

Netscape Version Guide and Timeline

A nice bit of history, for those who have forgotten (or never knew) what life was like before IE (before HTML tables, before graphical browsing at all -- remember Lynx?)

Netscape Version Guide and Timeline is a great little resource. Now I'm looking for similar info on Mosaic and IE...