Sunday 21 September 2008

SilverlightEarth updated for rc0

If you have been updating your Silverlight 2.0 beta 2 for Release Candidate 0, you will probably be familiar with this error "Failed to load the application. It was built with an obsolete version of Silverlight":

Even if your code is 100% RC0 'compatible', you need to re-compile your Silverlight assemblies with the RC0 Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio.

For example, is updated for RC0, and still hosts the beta2 bits. Although no code changes were required (or made), there a minor visual differences that I have yet to correct (the height of the radio-button StackPanels, for example). hosting OpenStreetMap with the Google StreetView overlay

Slightly OT: GIS in XML blog posted recently about
Virtual Earth - DeepEarth - Deep Pockets. Basically it calculates a cost of approx. $1.25 per viewer if licensing Microsoft's Virtual Earth tiles for use in DeepEarth (Silverlight 2.0 map tile client)... although Microsoft can't be too concerned since they have it listed in their Community Gallery!

Luckily offers OpenStreetMaps and NASA Blue Marble imagery...

Way OT: the Deep Zoom Tag Cloud example also updated for RC0