Friday 31 July 2009

Seadragon - Deep Zoom on Demand

Microsoft LiveLabs just announced the release of, an Azure-based service that creates hosted DeepZoom images 'on demand', making it super-easy to share very-high-resolution images with a quick link.

I tried it out with a few images from my Flickr account (they only take a minute or two to 'process')... click the links to play with Seadragon, click the images just to see a larger copy

Sydney skyline 9774 x 2154 (21 megapixels)

Seattle suburbs from the Space Needle 11991 x 2186 (26 megapixels)

Here's a few more to try for yourself:

Sydney at night 2048 x 768 (1.6 megapixels)

Pike Place Farmers Market 5273 x 2309 (12 megapixels)

Space Needle and Mt Rainier 6388 x 2366 (15 megapixels)

Seattle waterfront from the Space Needle 8861 x 2062 (18 megapixels)

Pike Place close-up 11323 x 3026 (34 megapixels)

As LiveLabs mentions on their website - an easy way to add hi-res images to your eBay listing, real-estate website, ecommerce store, blog, etc...

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