Friday 14 August 2009

When Mono "just works" - Searcharoo 'ported'

Decided to have another play with Mono today, in preparation for MonoTouch to come out of beta (or for my beta-participation to be approved)...

It was very easy to install Mono and MonoDevelop on my Mac, and because MonoDevelop supports Visual Studio 2008 solution files the current release of Searcharoo opened straight away*, compiled and could be tested with the 'provided' XSP2 webserver:

* I removed the Silverlight project from the Searcharoo solution (playing with Moonlight is a project for another day), but the Silverlight XAP from my Windows machine runs happily on the Mac against the Mono-version of the website:

The other cool thing about MonoDevelop is that it already supports the iPhone/MonoTouch 'project types'. You can't compile/test/run anything (you need MonoTouch.Foundation and MonoTouch.UIKit which are in 'private beta'), but you can browse the MonoTouch Samples - so at least you can see what C# code for the iPhone looks like. Fingers crossed Miguel and the team release the bits publicly ASAP :-)

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