Friday 30 November 2007

Silverlight Google Maps (inc new Topo view) now has 11 map options, including Yahoo's map tiles and the new Google Topo view. mapstraction had some helpful pointers on the Yahoo tile-names (so thanks to them).

The 'hybrid' layers don't "overlay" anything yet - that's still to come...

And finally, the design has been tweaked a bit - hopefully it looks a bit nicer?

p.s. yes, jerky panning fix to come...

p.p.s. another 'before & after' shot - check out the baseball diamond on the east side before (google) and after (virtual earth)... here it is in October.


  1. It looks like your accessing Google's tile servers directly. I understand this to be a violation of the terms of use. Not positive but isn't it also a violation with virtual earth as well?

  2. Troy - thanks for the comment - I'm sure you are correct, however many other sites do similar things (, for example). It's also a violation to screenshot and reprint or host _copies_ of maps, but you see that a lot too.

    However, it seems like non-commercial, low-volume access doesn't really incur their wrath. Microsoft did actually contact me directly a while back just to see what I was aiming to do.

    Also, the 'concept' of a Tile Client applies equally to 'open source/public domain' image sources such as NASA's Blue Marble set and others (openstreetview or something?).

    And since this post, the new DeepZoom feature of Silverlight 2.0 shows other interesting uses for Tile handling, which I have attempted using this code

    DeepZoom in SL1

    PdfZoom (firefox only)

    Thanks for reading


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