Monday 12 November 2007

Silverlight 'map tile client' finds a home -

While the map tile client isn't quite yet for release, I'd already paid for the domain so decided to post it anyway... which means

is now LIVE! Granted the dragging still doesn't work; but keyboard (arrows, page up, page down to zoom and pan) does, and the mouse-wheel zooms too. The search box 'searches' and the 'link to this page' does just that.

What's still to come? Well centering the search location for a start, then proper drag-panning on mouse-still-down. After that - maybe uploading some form of geo-coded Xaml to overlay directly on the map... and finally animation a-la

While I had already started working on the 'tile client' before coming across FlashEarth, that is basically the kind of result I'd like to get from Silverlight. Of course, since the Silverlight 1.0 version is (will be) Javascript-based, the code will be easily available for all to see...

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