Saturday 1 December 2007

Introducing 'Gaml' - Geographic Application Markup Language

Adding a few geographic tags to existing Xaml provides infinite flexibility for map "markup". This is a simple example of a flickr photo 'balloon' on Silverlight Earth

<Canvas xmlns=""
<Path Stroke="Black" Fill="Gray"
Data="m 30,20 v -20 h 200 v 85 h -200 v -45 l -30,-10 l 30,-10" />
<Image Canvas.Top="5" Canvas.Left="35" Width="75" Height="75"
Source="" />
<TextBlock Canvas.Left="114" Canvas.Top="8"
Text="New York - East River"
FontSize="10" FontFamily="Verdana" Foreground="#FFFFFFFF" />

The sample currently works, but due to a hosting issue (not serving .gaml files), the other demo's are not currently online. When this is resolved, the above example will be available on

There's more information on Gaml here, but there's a little more work to be done on the implementation... if you're wondering why some of the samples are flag-markers, they were the first examples of Xaml clipart that I could find!

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