Friday 27 March 2009

Silverlight VirtualEarth Map Control - with animation

UPDATE: The Microsoft devs were right - it is possible (and not a bug). The 'complete' sample now keeps the image, course line and animated objects visible during all panning and zooming operations - try out
animation with Silverlight Virtual Earth Map Control!

I've made some progress with my first Silverlight Virtual Earth Map Control project...

Try it out (deprecated) latest

Here are some screenshots of the zoom/animation in action:

The code and xaml also online - I needed to (well, I think I needed to) use the ViewChangeEnd event to re-calculate various offsets and dimensions to keep the animation and overlay image sychronised with the Map Controls' zoom behaviour (even though panning worked without modification).


  1. hey - really nice work!!

    I'm just starting with the silverlight virtual earth control and I can't work out how to animate points so they move across the map; there's no dependency properties available on the Location class :(. I notice you say on your demo that you use custom attached properties to animate, care to share? :)


  2. John - did you follow this link? Near the bottom of that page is the code (Xaml and c#) that I used; along with this idea.

  3. Hey Craig, thanks for that, I missed those and just followed the links in "The code and xaml also online ..." - I've got it working now thanks to your help - brilliant!


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