Monday 23 March 2009

MIX 10k entry goes OutOfBrowser

I have updated my MIX 10k Challenge entry to Silverlight 3.0 so itcan run out-of-browser!

You can visit the Silverlight 3.0 version of exploDZ, and install it locally for yourself WARNING: will prompt to install Silverlight 3.0 which is in BETA

1. Right-click and choose to Install

2. Select "where" to install (this is really only where the shortcuts go)

3. Silverlight 3.0 having an out-of-browser experience

This is really only a test of Silverlight 3.0 - exploDZ was just a bit of fun, and there is already an ClickOnce/WPF version at

Code changes

Thanks to Chris' Silverlight 3.0 out-of-browser instructions the ONLY change from the 2.0 to the 3.0 (out-of-browser) version was the following element added to the AppManifest.xml file:

Title="Out of browser DeepZoom Viewer">
exploDZ out-of-browser (Silverlight 3.0)

What it does

The shortcut created by the 'installer' has a target like this:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\3.0.40307.0\sllauncher.exe"
I guess that parameter reflects the 'source site' and index of Silverlight OutOfBrowser apps -stored in a safe place somewhere :) stored in Apps\LocalLow\Microsoft\Silverlight\Offline\ (on Windows 7 at least).

The index.html ISN'T the hosting page from the internet - it's a custom Silverlight object tag:

The metadata file contains
Description=exploDZ out-of-browser (Silverlight 3.0)
Title=Out of browser DeepZoom Viewer

How it works?

Who knows??? Tim's Silverlight 3 Out-of-browser Update Model overview is a worthwhile read.

Adobe's AIR out-of-browser host for Html-Javascript and Flash/Flex sits atop WebKit, and from the index.html above it seems likely that OutOfBrowser-Silverlight is also sitting in a little web browser of some description. It's only 500Kb, so it's not IE :) - and there also has to be a Mac version... it doesn't appear to be managed code (or I'd guess Cassini), maybe the Mac one is related to Chiron? Speaking of Mac - this is how it looks in Safari 4 beta...


  1. There's also a video of the Silverlight OutOfBrowser Mac OS-X experience on Mike Taulty's blog...

  2. Also - more info on how the "launch" process works here: Silverlight out-of-browser apps: Launch. Some other useful Silverlight 3.0 stuff there too


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