Saturday 21 March 2009

Silverlight VirtualEarth Map Control - in "3D"

Further to my previous post on the Silverlight VirtualEarth Map Control - here it is in Silverlight 3.0 WARNING: will prompt to install Silverlight 3.0 - which is in BETA - do so at your own risk!

The animation and map styles (road|arial) work as you'd expect, but somehow it looks a lot cooler with this little bit of code added :-)

<PlaneProjection RotationX="-60" />

BTW, it seems to me like addition of 3D Projection (rather than a complete 3D environment, ala Kit3D and WPF) is the minimum they needed to add to get Photosynth working "natively" in Silverlight (instead of the current Silverlight-Photosynth beta which does use Kit3D)? ... hmmm ...

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  1. waw i like it!! please can you post the code? please!


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