Sunday 28 December 2008

Using Seadragon (iPhone) with PhotoZoom content #2

Further to this post, rather than just point people to the RSS 'how-to' instructions I've uploaded a page to do the translation for you.

To access your PhotoZoom DeepZoom images in Seadragon on iPhone, go to the Add RSS Feed screen and type this Url (replacing craig with your PhotoZoom alias).

You can read more on the website, including downloading the c# code.

Here are the iPhone screens using this url (from the previous post)

UPDATE: Seadragon seems to CRASH sometimes when accessing some RSS feeds. I think it is fixed now -- and was related to either (or all of) the following:
<description> tag containing linebreaks (must be all on a single line - fixed in generated RSS)
<link> tag being too long or containing unexpected characters (fixed in generated RSS)
<author> tag not appearing EXACTLY in the format user@domain (fullname) (I've put a fake email address in the generated RSS to 'fix')
Guid not being a 'real' GUID (instructions say it doesn't have to be, but maybe it does...)
Drop a comment if you experience problems with it.


  1. Yeah the feed parser is very finicky. Another tag that is supported, instead of <author>, is <source url="http://foo">name</src> - the text that shows up at the bottom of the screen when the UI is up will be 'name', and tapping on it will open Safari to the URL.

    I'm going to be posting a version soon that makes adding these feeds easier. Hopefully this week.

  2. Thanks noxa, I've implemented that tag

    <source url="">eflaten on PhotoZoom</source>

    which opens Safari on the non-Silverlight album view in PhotoZoom. Cool!

    Incidentally, this page implies there should be a PhotoZoom menuitem in Seadragon - will that be appearing in the next release?

  3. Yeah - I pulled at the last minute because of a bug in PhotoZoom - the bugs been fixed, but I haven't got the update out yet. It'll make it a lot easier - you can just put in a PhotoZoom username (just like you currently can a Photosynth username) and it'll add the feed.

    Keep up the awesome work :)


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