Monday 29 December 2008

Crunchies 2008 - vote now

Voting is open for the Crunchies 2008 (part sponsored by TechCrunch), and right there amongst the 'big hitters' of Web 2.0 is Swype

That's some heavy competition (um, four multi-billion dollar companies) - but not all of them are 'unique'. There's two "Connect"s in the list, plus (another) web browser, (another) spin on Search, (another) Microsoft 'Live' thing... and Swype

Ever since I first saw Swype I've wanted it on my iPhone - it is COOL! Imagine if you had seen T9 back when everyone was triple-tapping without predictive text on their Nokias and Motorolas - you'd have voted for it, right (and not Microsoft Bob, or Netscape Navigator, or whatever else was 'new' back then)?

To be honest, I wouldn't have had a chance to play with Swype first-hand if I didn't know some of the guys working on it - but of everything in that list - Swype is the one thing I want RIGHT NOW.

Anyway - don't take my word for it - check out Swype and if you like what you see, vote!

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