Friday 26 December 2008

Using Seadragon (iPhone) with PhotoZoom content

UPDATE: new post 29-Dec-08

I had a question (from Erland) on this post about viewing PhotoZoom images like this on the iPhone with Seadragon.

The Seadragon Use Your Own Images page says

Enter a PhotoZoom username. The user's content will appear in the main listing, allowing you to view their albums.
However that option doesn't appear (at least on my iPhone...).
Seadragon Add screen

Until the PhotoZoom option is available, you can fairly easily create a 'shortcut' to one or more Deep Zoom images or collections using the RSS Feed option.

For example, from this PhotoZoom page Deep Zoom image tile you can View Source and extract this tag <param name="initParams" value="" /> and this url DZ/3/z8b0c8100950d45379c794efbc559f800/ 633654978975379998 /collection.xml which can be embedded in a custom RSS document (instructions) then viewed on the iPhone!

That short URL is a lot easier to type than those GUIDs on the PhotoZoom website; of course I've just uploaded that one as an example - you'll need to find a host to upload yours to... and here is how the image looks:

Incidentally, Seadragon Settings (in the iPhone settings area) shows a PhotoZoom option - so I'm not sure why it's missing from the application itself?

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