Monday 9 November 2009

Another MonoTouch 'conference app' - PDC09

PDC09I'm not planning on making a habit of this, but having spent the time putting together the Monospace conference app and seeing tweets from various Mono people that they were heading to PDC09, I figured it wouldn't take too long to copy some PDC data into the existing MonoTouch C# app 'framework'.

A new view (Sessions), a new icon (Speakers) and a new location (Underground) are the main changes - the rest is just SQLite and graphic tweaks. The source is available for download - (124Kb).

NOTE: This is for demonstration purposes only - the Speakers data is incomplete and the Schedule & Sessions are subject to change! Use at your own risk :)

UPDATE: to be clear, this app is not available on the AppStore -- it is just an example of the kind of thing you can write in C# for the iPhone using MonoTouch from Novell. If you have a MonoTouch licence then you can download the source (124Kb) and install it on your phone.


  1. Hah, sweet dude. You really could make this into something, let's work on getting a full Mix 10 app - release it on the App store and get it interfacing with a real API. Awesome stuff.

  2. Thx Chris ... LOL Mix10 is far enough away that the AppStore review process will pass something by then ;-)

    AppStore guys - I'm JOKING!

  3. Craig,

    Perhaps the application could download the data on demand from a server of your choosing, so even if the data changes, it can be fed into the application later?

  4. Craig -- cool stuff! Not make a, yeah right :-). Perhaps someone will take the source and make it recognize a syndicated dump of structured data that it will import. Then your app could be "" and anyone want to use it just has to provide a URL to a feed of data that the app will load once.

  5. I'm with you guys on the 'net download idea - it's just finding the time to put it together :) They always say products really come of age at version 3...

  6. Craig,

    Can you attach a LICENSE file or specify the license on this stuff? I'd like to reuse some, but I don't know which rules I should follow.


  7. Also interested in using this code as a starting point for an enterprise (free) app for employees of my company. Could you provide some guidelines/restrictions?

  8. I hadn't really thought about a licence -- it grew out of a sample pretty quick. I'm no expert but I've released another project under Ms-PL (here which I think is fairly open to pretty much any other use?

    I suppose I will add those Ms-PL terms to the sourcecode download for the Monospace and PDC09 apps; however since there is no licence specified there currently it is probably a grey area for those who already have it.

    Anyway, IMO the spirit of open source is that you can use the code however you like (keeping in mind I bear no responsibility for what you do with it). In turn, it'd be nice if you acknowledged my contribution; and even *nicer* if you sent updates back to me (however that is not required and isn't a condition of use). That way the improvements end up back in the community and benefit everyone.

    Thanks for enquiring - just by virtue of you asking, I have a feeling that you have the same respect for open source as I do. Thanks for your interest in the code; good luck with your apps.


    p.s. if anyone has suggestions for a more appropriate licence (for future samples), I'm happy to hear them -- I'm not an expect in this area...

  9. Craig do you know the size of the conference app when compiled and linked into an slimline end-user form?

    I ask because your app has about the same complexity of something I wish to develop using MonoTouch but I am reluctant to purchase a full MonoTouch license without having some idea of the size of release binaries.


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