Thursday 24 September 2009

#ScottGuAnnouncement : WebsiteSpark (free IIS7)

There was certainly a lot of 'buzz' about #ScottGuAnnouncement on Twitter... although I'm not sure it has lived up to the hype...

Seems like the main announcement was 'BizSpark-lite' - WebsiteSpark - which lowers the cost barrier to small companies 'starting out' with Microsoft. Meh.

More interesting (to me) was Web Platform Installer v2... I don't know whether it already did this - but there is now the ability to install IIS7 very easily. If this has been around for ages without me realizing, all I can say is "d'oh".

So should we now just use IIS7 with Visual Studio 2008/10? Is Cassini dead?

p.s. not sure what to make of this announcement: "Microsoft Silverlight to run on Moblin devices"? And Microsoft has let Novell toil away on Moonlight why?

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