Monday 14 September 2009

MonoTouch released

MonoTouch 1.0 has been released and is available for purchase!
MonoTouch logo

Phonebook sample updated

Thank's to Simon's Build a Customer UITableViewCell post the Corporate Phonebook sample has been updated: now featuring custom UITableViewCells (and the phonenumbers don't overflow any more). Read more in the previous post.

The project can be downloaded (29Kb) to try out on your newly registered copy of MonoTouch! Maybe having the company phonebook on the iPhone will help convince your employer to spring for an Enterprise licence :)


  1. Hey Craig,

    The project download doesn't seem to work for me :(



  2. Chris - need a bit more info if you want some help... how exactly does it "not work"? Does it load in MonoDevelop, does it compile, does it even start in the simulator, what is written to the output window, etc, etc.

  3. Sorry Craig, doesn't work as in I can't download the 29kb file - just getting a page cannot be found error.

  4. Ah, well that was easy fixed - typo in the url :-s


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