Monday 6 April 2009

Silverlight VirtualEarth Map Control - with video

Okay - I wasn't going to do any more Silverlight VE Map Control posts... this is definitely the last one! I found some videos on YouTube that I thought suited 'animating' a map so I gave it a try. These would work MUCH BETTER if I had Silverlight-encoded videos that I could sync to/control more easily: but you get the idea...

Sydney City2Surf

Sydney Marathon

p.s. YES I know it's dodgy to have to 'sync' the start of each element manually - but without lots of hassle figuring out if the YouTube video is loaded and running it was the easiest way to proof-of-concept...

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  1. hey craig - looks like these guys are syncing their javascript with youtube:

    view source and have a look at the code after "var YT".


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