Tuesday 7 April 2009

Polyline.StrokeLineJoin and tight corners

Sharp corners in Polylines (particularly thick ones) can create unintended artefacts - particularly apparent when converting a (somewhat shaky) GPS track into a line on the Silverlight VE Map Control.

In this screenshot the circled 'line extension' (leading off into the water) is not actually part of the path, but an artefact of a very tight corner:

A few simple additions - StrokeLineJoin being the most important - and the Path looks "correct":

Stroke="Blue" StrokeThickness="10" x:Name="Course"

Locations="-33.84780366140732,151.21159315109253 -33.84504135759562,151.2111210823059 -33.84418591636912,151.2106704711914 -33.84374037067171,151.21082067489624...

Just something to be aware of...

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