Wednesday 18 February 2009

EvoLisa "Animated Viewer" (in Silverlight)

In a previous post I added SVG output to the EvoLisa viewer. There is a 'cool' effect when loading the SVG in Firefox - it renders the polygons progressively which looks like it's animated (although unintentionally, when your connection is slow).

I decided to create the same effect with the Xaml output using Silverlight with Javascript.

Watch the "EvoLisa" Opera House images reveal by day and by night (using silverlight html host page).

NOTE: this animation is NOT the same thing as the image evolving as part of the EvoLisa program - it is merely gradually revealing a particular set of polygons that have been saved by the program.

NOTE2: it uses Silverlight 1.0, so it should be fine under the recently released Moonlight 1.0.

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