Thursday 13 September 2007

Silverlight, Virtual Earth and Google Moon

Slow progress is being made with tiles from Virtual Earth, Google Moon & Mars, and custom Venus images hosted in a generic Silverlight Map Viewer -- panning kinda works (in addition to zoom)! It's clunky, tile-at-a-time panning (no smooth drag metaphor, yet) but it (mostly) works.

Earth (VirtualEarth tiles)
Moon (Google Maps tiles)
Mars (Google Maps tiles)
Venus (custom tiles)

OK, if you visited the demo you'll know it's not quite done yet... specifically when you zoom in, the zoomed coordinates (row/col) are based on the previous zoom level, so they tend (erroneously) towards the top-left of the map; zooming out sometimes breaks around the edges too... although this is a 'silverlight' project, so far there's only a sprinkling of Xaml - it's mostly math & javascript!

UPDATE: 'earth' view doesn't seem to work in IE. Not sure why... give it a go in Firefox.

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