Sunday 2 September 2007

Silverlight map control - progress update

Well, the Silverlight map control is coming along slowly...

There has been some progress on calculating the display image tiles, position, etc which is key to enabling proper pan/zoom using - the Moon map now has 'live' coordinate calculations, and very basic up-down-left-right to try.

To get an idea of what the Base4/Binary numbers mean, read about using a Binary Coordinate System and how it is applied in the Virtual Earth tile system (hint: qrts == 0123).

As for the Venus map... doesn't pan yet, but all the images were custom-generated^ using this quadkey map-tile generator. It's only about 100 lines of code, and seems to be limited by the maximum image size
Bitmap resized = new Bitmap(imageSize, imageSize); //16384
All three 'venus maps' were generated using that code.

^ the moon sample currently uses tiles from Google moon.

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