Thursday 14 June 2007

Facebook takes off...

The 3 week old 'Facebook Platform' is getting some interesting write-ups, not only that but they've partnered with Microsoft (/Popfly) to give Yahoo Pipes a run for it's money.

Furthermore, all of a sudden everyone I know is on, so I'm uploading photos of
Cuba and Mexico there as well as on Flickr (maybe there's a mashup to 'share' them, but couldn't be bothered with that for now).

Where will social networking go now?

EDIT: As if in answer, SMH published OMG, mum's joined Facebook! today...

EDIT2: (the other?) Paul Allen makes a big call: Prediction: Facebook will be the largest social network in the world. There's additional coverage in SMH 19-Jul-07, but the article isn't online...

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