Wednesday 27 June 2007


Interesting article about Facebook for the Enterprise.
"Today, I see a combination of Twitter and Facebook as having the potential to replace 90% of the email I receive while improving my personal productivity."

Many companies still don't see IM as anything other than a nuisance to be blocked, so it's sorta interesting to think about whether spending time on Facebook can be 'productive'.

Quote from Facebook generations
" 14-year-old daughter is appalled that I am a member of Facebook, and refuses to let me friend her, lest her other friends find out via News Feed."
raises an issue with I suspect would extend into "Corporate"Book - do you really want everyone knowing everything about you... at work?

[sot] Apparently Australia is the 5th biggest Facebook community, after USA, Canada, UK & Norway!

UPDATE: Looking for Facebook applications or ideas? - someone's already started a 'portal' for Facebook apps and news. Helps find neat new stuff, like the Facebook ToolBar for Firefox - because you don't spend enough time checking Facebook already...

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