Saturday 22 October 2005

iPod Notes

Wow, it's been a looong while between posts. Due to "work" I have hardly looked sideways at anything tech that hasn't been related to the job at hand. No more! Starting now I expect to get my hand dirty again with a number of little projects, including cooling-up my iPod(s)... p.s. i love my iPod nano!

Project uno: get my spanish study-notes onto my iPod for reading on the bus...

iPod Hardware ( links to the iPod Not Reader User Guide [PDF]

Also summarised here, MAKE ebooks for your iPod guide!.

When they're done, I'll post them on

Here are some other iPod non-music downloads:

EDIT: another nice little idea is sqlTunes - an app to extract the iTunes Xml into a database so you can query it, etc...

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