Monday 13 June 2005

Blog 'discovery'

Probably not since Joel on Software have I enjoyed reading a blog as much as newly discovered Fabulous Adventures In Coding by Eric Lippert.

Some of Eric's posts I've read and liked (so far):You need to read past Part Three of the High-Dimension Spaces to see (or maybe you didn't need to read that far) the relationship to business-data-models. Consider whether Google 'word searches' equate to high-dimensional space (each letter in a word could be a dimension, each word in a query, each boolean joining, etc...). What about a Customer-Product-OrderDate tuple in your data-warehouse... is that only three dimensions, or does it become n-dimensional when you expand all the attributes of each (Customer: Country, State, Postcode, Status, ...; Product: ID, Size, LaunchDate, DiscontinuedDate, Price(AtDate), ...; etc)?
Maybe I'm reading too much into it (or reading the wrong stuff into it)...

[EDIT] Another find (2 degrees of separation from Eric's blog): Scott Berkun's essays including (the only one I've read) Why smart people defend bad ideas...

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