Thursday 13 September 2012

Microsoft's Azure Mobile Services... and WP7... and Mac

So far, Azure Mobile Services have been added to MonoTouch and Mono for Android (as well as Microsoft's getting started sample for Windows 8).
To complete the 'set', I ported the MonoTouch code to MacOSX using the free, open-source MonoMac AND used @kenegozi's 'unofficial' client to munge Azure Mobile Services into our existing Tasky sample on WP7.

These aren't production-quality implementations, mind you, just a couple of quick hacks to illustrate the beauty and simplicity of having C# and the .NET framework available across all these platforms. Oh, and also show the beauty of Azure Mobile Services :-)
You can grab the code for all of these from TaskCloud/Azure on github. You'll need to sign up for the Azure trial and follow the instructions to set up the Todo list tutorial.
Here's how the WP7 and MonoMac versions look:

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  1. Can you tell me how to deploy my mobile pages into azure mobile services


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