Tuesday 26 October 2010

Conf for PDC10 on Windows Phone 7

A first-cut of the PDC10 schedule can now be downloaded for the Windows Phone 7 version of Conf - now available on Marketplace (Zune link).

To download new conference data in Conf
  • Start on the first panel of the Panorama
  • Scroll down to other conferences... and touch Download more...
  • When the list downloads from the server, touch PDC10
  • PDC10 should appear in the list - if not, switch between the conferences until it does :-s
This is what the app looks like with PDC10 data loaded:

The iPhone version of Conf is currently awaiting AppStore approval - fingers crossed for Thursday!


  1. Does Windows Phone 7 appear to be a good platform for smart phones?

    Thank you
    Brad Fallon

  2. Sure, why not? It's easy to use, fairly fast and IMO prettier than Android. Now that Nokia is 'behind' it the marketshare should improve over time; and there's sure to be more improvements to the platform (perhaps some announced this week at MIX11)...


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