Sunday 27 December 2009

Moonlight 2.0...

Decided it was time to take another look at Moonlight (since 2.0 was released on 17-Dec-09), so I grabbed a Virtual PC image download and within a few minutes was testing my existing Silverlight sites on Linux! The pre-installed software (Firefox, Moonlight, even MonoDevelop) makes 'getting started' super-easy.

Happily, works fine -- although it uses the 'CTP' of Microsoft's Map control - the RTW requires SL3 which might throw a spanner in the works :-(

The DeepEarth open-source DeepZoom-based map control does work, however, which is great.

Searcharoo's Silverlight UI breaks with Could not load type 'BufferedStreamReader' from assembly System.Json so I'll have to investigate that; might have to get a different Json lib.

Anyway, IMO Moonlight 2.0 is a great achievement by Novell and the VPC is a great way for .NET developers to learn about it... have fun!

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  1. Oh excellent! I'm glad the VPC image is working well for you. (I am the guy who builds that...)


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