Thursday 15 January 2009

DeepZoom "Viewer"

My MIX09 Silverlight entry - exploDZ hasn't exactly set the voting world on fire :)

However I still think it's a useful concept, so a Wpf version is now available for download at (zip).

It's pretty simple - open local or remote Deep Zoom Composer Xml output and browse around its contents. You can always try the Silverlight version too - here's a test Url to get started


  1. I have some DeepZoom content (Sistine Chapel) that crashes your browser (WPF side). Are you interested in debugging it?

  2. Can you post a link (is it on the web somewhere)?

    Definitely interested in debugging - have been doing a bit more work on it during the week and fixed a few other problems I found.

    Did it work in the Silverlight version?


  3. Hmm I thought I had replied to this last week.

    We can't actually put this up on the web anywhere, as it is licensed content. I would be interested in helping you debug this in private however. EMail me: adam dot hill at geemale dot com


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