Tuesday 29 April 2008

IMG - big company, worst website ever

IMG eCommerce is a part of IMG, "the world's premier and most diversified sports, entertainment and media company"... too bad all that money can't do any better than produce a product like clubsONLINE, the worse website ever.

Think I'm exaggerating? Here are some screenshots from their 'online payment wizard'...

Let's start with a pretty simple form... it's not just the layout that is screwed up... how about allowing the 'Enter' key to submit the form (maybe a visual indicator on the button too); and what does that red diamond mean?

Ever heard of radiobuttons; even a DDLB would do. Is capitalization really important?

Hmmm, the "wizard"-type UI normally guides us through the steps. How about a hint on which button you'd like pressed?

Saving the best until "last" - you've GOT to be kidding. No, seriously, two buttons [Submit Payment] and [Payment]? Is one of these really meant to be 'cancel' or 'back'?

I 'transact' quite a bit on the web - and this is the first time since about 1994 that I can recall a payment process quite so unwieldy!

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