Tuesday 4 March 2008

Geoquery 2008 v0.72

Another minor release of Geoquery 2008 to finish off some of the 'known bugs' around line and polygon rendering... It can be downloaded here.

First up, Morten has helped fix a number of bugs in Geoquery, and this release is no exception. While trying out his OGC conformance test map I discovered some GEOMETRY idiosyncrasies I still hadn't fixed. If you read his post and download the schema/data, this sql works best in Geoquery.

Morten also pointed out the issue with holes... (notice how the GEOGRAPHY instance is rendered on both the Shape & Map tabs!)

And finally, after a month away from the code (some of it at the beach :) it was relatively quick to solve most of the problems around 'wrapping': with a bit more help from Ed Williams I was able to discard my previous efforts (using the SqlTypes) and solve the problem with some basic math - hoorah!

I expect it will be a bit of a wait for the next version of this code. I have a lot of ideas to incorporate, some of which require further architectural changes. I will also update the Examples to discuss the new features in CTP6. Until then - enjoy Geoquerying...

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