Thursday 31 January 2008

Geoquery 2008 v0.71 (oops)

Geoquery 0.7 has been quickly updated to 0.71 to fix the bug from yesterday.

It was while I was describing the problem that I was reminded how confusing it is for users when something "fails silently".

Imagine if the a "File-Save" function didn't report an error when your latest masterpiece couldn't be saved... you'd close the application and expect the data to be available next time - but it would be gone... forever! I strongly discourage rampant use of try{}catch{} in C# because it often (inadvertently) leads to silent failures.

By drawing the polygons on the Map & Sphere, but drawing them incorrectly, Geoquery was giving the impression that it was working when it wasn't. OK, probably not as severe as losing a file, but confusing nevertheless. It seemed important enough to fix and update (even though just a day earlier I'd decided it was "good enough for now").

So now the polygons are drawn correctly, and when they can't be (across +/-180° longitude), it "fails loudly" :)
SELECT geography::STGeomFromText(
'POLYGON((-33.9 151.12, 0 -118.4, 33.8 -118.4,-33.9 151.12))', 4326
), 'Red' as color, '#33ff0000' as Fill

P.S. a couple of other issues were also fixed, thanks Morten!

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