Wednesday 24 May 2006

Searcharoo v3 is LIVE

Ok, maybe not ALL CAPS exciting, but a new version of my 'basic' C# search engine and web spider Searcharoo is now 'ready'.

There's a pile of stuff I still wanted to add to it: creating interfaces and plug-ins for the Word and Number Normalization, a UK/Australian version of the stemmer, at least putting the 'language/culture' into the Stop/Go/Stemmer/Stopper interfaces so they could be language-specific and a lot more. They'll all have to wait for the next version...

'Support' and 'thanks' emails trickle in fairly regularly, hopefully that will continue.

I think the old articles are still worth reading...
Searcharoo: C# File system indexer and search (version 1)
Searcharoo: C# Search Engine and Web Spider (version 2)

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