Wednesday 11 May 2005

Debugging 'old school'

This post about Script Debugging in IE prompted me to create my own little collection of links on debugging, since I find myself currently working on a project that uses 'old school' ASP and SQL written outside VisualStudio...

Most useful is this detailed instructions document [.DOC] (on gotdotnet) or this short doc.

Then there's the lower-level stuff:
Fiddler for IE allows you to record, monitor, replay and otherwise manipulate the HTTP traffic between IE and web servers.

And these IE DOM inspectors can help to debug client-side issues by letting you view IE's understanding of the Document Object Model it has rendered.

Of course Firefox already provides features and/or extensions to do these things and more!

While we're on the subject of debugging, here's a tip for SQL Debugging after XP SP2.

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