Wednesday 1 September 2004

Localization Resources with ASP.NET 2.0

Two CodeProject articles on Creating multilingual websites are great sources of information, and actually mirror the way I've also approached the problem with my own projects.

But something I hadn't read much about (yet) is Using Resources for Localization with ASP.NET 2.0 (Fredrik Normén's) which was linked from CodeProject. The approach in ASP.NET 2.0 still seems a bit clumsy to me - still no "built in" way to have site-wide localization management, nor a simple cross-over between localization of static elements (such as labels, text, html elements) and database-resident information (product names, news items, etc). You could argue that there are a multitude of possibilities and that Microsoft can't address all possible permutations -- but why not at least offer a basic solution, like they do for Authentication, Personalization, MasterPages, etc???

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