Thursday 15 July 2004

MS: Hazards of Hiring

The Hazards of Hiring is the last topic I expect to read about on MSDN -- but relevant since I'm hiring at the moment.

The other article I found useful was the Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing, which I may have blogged previously (but it's worth another look).

UPDATE [7-Sep] WHY is it that candidates no longer feel any compulsion to do any research on a company before attending an interview. My first question is always "What have you learned about our company?" or "Did you review our website?" -- the answers to which are inevitably "No..." Why waste your time (and mine) by turning up to an interview where you don't even understand what our company does? This laziness is so common that it's ceased to be a useful measure of a candidate's interest in a position, because NONE of them bother to do it!

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