Saturday 5 March 2011

MonoDroid meet MonoTouch & WindowsPhone7

This post follows the previous one about building for MonoTouch and WindowsPhone7 by porting the example to Google's Android platform using MonoDroid.

Here's how it looks (no need to identify which platform is which :)

As before, the code is available on github/conceptdev/RestaurantGuide - for comparison here is a shot of the three .sln files.

A couple of observations:
  • One of the reasons the iOS/MonoTouch solution is so 'neat' is because I have not used the 'UI Designer' for that platform (ie. Interface Builder) so there are no 'markup' files for the user interface (ie. .xib files). The entire layout is done in C# for the MonoTouch example, whereas the WP7 and Android version use Xaml and axml respectively.
  • These examples 'just work' - they don't claim to be best-practice in designing an app for any of these platforms*.

* for a quite neat cross-platform design (at least across MonoDroid and WP7) see @gshackles TwitterSearcher sample

p.s. does anyone know what the Android equivalent of an "indexed list" is? Pls comment or @conceptdev... thx

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  1. Great post! Great to see C# working across all three platforms, and nothing better than a good UI comparison of the solution to see the power of the Mono* platform!


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