Sunday 27 February 2011

Random tip: wtf is"7 CDCs" and debugging on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Just a quick note on some issues I had debugging a MonoDroid app I've been playing with (MonoDroid is very cool, BTW)... for some reason I couldn't get a Samsumg Galaxy Tab to be recognised as a USB device when connected to my 64-bit Windows 7 PC.

Googling turned up a few different 'ideas' like Samsung Galaxy S Problems, Samsung Kies Software and PC connectivity and Connect Samsung Galaxy S with Kies on your PC - The MTP Error. None of those suggestions worked for me, despite a lot of mucking about with driver installs.

It turned out a hint in this post on USB connection trouble fixed my problem... "somehow" the device's USB port was set to 'modem mode' and I had to type *#7284# on the phone keypad to re-set it! Un-in-tuitive!

The Kies Samsung software/drivers off the Samsung website were fine, once the device was in 'USB mode'.

Anyway, hope that helps someone else...

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