Friday 13 March 2009

Photosynth for iPhone : iSynth

I recently blogged about Photosynth being available on Macs and Linux via Moonlight, but having real Photosynth on the iPhone is pretty darn cool! You might as well just download it now (if you have an iDevice) and read the instructions.

Here's a quick preview of how it looks (read to the end for my favourite feature). The navigation has an 'iPhone-y' feel to it:
isynth isynth
and it was easy to find my own previously uploaded synths:
sydney harbour synth
navigation is similar to the desktop version (and ever so slightly unintuitive on the iPhone occasionally, when you seem to have to 'drag' the opposite way to what you expect)
sydney harbour photosynth
but my FAVOURITE features are the point cloud and camera positions... you can clearly see (below) that my entire 'Sydney Harbour Synth' was formed from photos taken off a ferry travelling across the harbour (away from the CBD)!
sydney harbour photosynth point cloud

I'm impressed! Even moreso since it wasn't even written by Microsoft, but an intern who worked in the Photosynth team last year. Great job Greg Pascale!

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