Wednesday 19 September 2012

iOS 6 released, supported by Xamarin

It would be hard to miss the news that Apple is launching their new iPhone 5 this week, and has also released the final version of iOS 6. What's also great is that Xamarin supports iOS 6 too, on release day! There's already plenty of documentation, using C# with StoreKit, PassKit, EventKit, UIKit changes and more.

Of course there are heaps of little additions as well as those big ones, including a raft of new Core Image Filters to play with. For those working on the next Instagram (isn't everyone ;-), here's a preview of a couple of them:

(Posterize, Bloom, Invert, Perspective and Vortex)

For more information, review the Introduction to CoreImage in iOS 5 and the additional sample code for iOS 6. You might also like Apple's CoreImage Filter Reference.

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