Thursday 15 May 2008

Whither Geoquery?

If you were reading this blog earlier in the year, you may have seen these posts on Geoquery for SQL Server 2008.

Since my last post (in March) a few things have happened to stall development:
1) Running. I was injured over summer (that's Dec-Feb down here) and couldn't train - all that extra free time went into developing Geoquery. Now I'm back in training.
2) Holidays. Spent a few weeks in Thailand and Bhutan.
3) Job. It's busier now.
4) I was using the demo version Visual Studio 2008. It's expired. The Express versions just don't cut it for "real" work.
5) I can't help thinking Microsoft is going to release something similar themselves. It was great fun building it up to v0.72, but now real hard work is required to get the functionality "to the next level". That's a lot of effort for "nothing", less fun and more sweat.

I saw today that Google Maps now has a Flash API (and demos), something Yahoo has had for a while. I might get back to playing with and in Silverlight 2.0.

There may yet be a way to tie them all together: converting to Silverlight 2.0 will result in a whole pile of C# and Xaml that would then plug right into Geoquery 2008. Will see how things develop... ;-)


  1. Any chance you would consider putting up the source code to SLEarth on Codeplex?

    I have been looking for 2D earth controls with source (preferably in WPF) to use in a project. SLEarth is nice beacause you have multiple tiling systems figured out, I am interested in using WMS's or the World Wind tiling scheme as an image source and use all the layers that NASA has available. (or downloaded local to a cache since all that data is free)

    What enticements can I give you, a cool pair of running shoes or what? :)

  2. Hi, any chance of you to just compile GeoQuery against SQL 20008 RTM, and/or .NET 3.5 sp1. Geoquery fails to start on this kind of environment.
    Congratulations on you excelent work.
    PS: the rtm spatial tab is not sufficient ;-)

  3. An updated version of Geoquery has just been uploaded - to

    There are no major changes (that work is still underway), but it HAS been recompiled against .NET 3.5 SP1 and has had the lat/long order change done for WKT Geography coordinate strings.

    Haven't had a chance to do heaps of testing, but hopefully there are no regressions from v0.72...


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