Wednesday 11 August 2004

IIS Cache-control: private

Interesting question today: IIS sets a default
cache-control: private header for ASP and ASPX requests which Microsoft justifies by saying that "dynamically generated pages aren't normally expected to be cached"... but where is this value _set_ in IIS and can it be easily turned off without asp/x code or ADSI script???

This MSDN article on CustomControlCache in the metabase explains how to set CacheControlCustom = "no-cache" but I cannot find it 'pre-set' anywhere in the metabase as a default value.

This sounds like it will work for .swf and other custom MIME types that you might want to set specific cache policies for, but it's very dodgy; appending a CRLF and 'fake' cache-control header to the content-type sent by IIS... surely this would 'break' if a cache-control: header was also sent another way (such as 'cachecontrolcustom' above) - would result in two possibly conflicting headers...

There's also this information Microsoft IIS 5.0: IIS Optimization and the Metabase but it's not that useful either...

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