Wednesday 9 June 2004

Visual Source Safe vs Visual Studio Team System

It seems like most Microsoft products have gone from version 3 to version 11 in the same timeframe as VSS has stumbled from 6.0a to 6.0f...

So it's no surprise that there has been a lot of excitement about the news of a NEW version of VSS; and also of some cool 'Team' features in VS.NET2005... Imagine the confusion, then, as it becomes clear these are not the same product!

Visual Studio Team System is a good place to start reading about VSTS -- but not necessarily VSS. The MSDN Team System page has a good overview.

I like this quote "So VSS is to Hatteras[Team System] as Access is to SQL Server" (from somewhere here I think) except VSS doesn't have a cut-down, database driven back-end that easily migrates/scales to VSTS, like Access → SQL (??).

The Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Roadmap explains a bit more about SourceSafe 2005 -- basically sounds like the version upgrade we wished for around 2000... hard to see it lasting to the post-Whidbey VisualStudio release (i.e. beyond 2006).

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